Workshops & Seminars 

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All Reflexology workshops are supported by a comprehensive workbook for you to take away together with Quick Reference tools and a DVD demonstrating the practical aspects covered on the day. It is my firm belief that students should leave a workshop feeling confident enough to begin using what has been covered, otherwise the enthusiasm and inspiration of the day quickly gets lost. You can also contact me after a workshop should you require any follow-up advice. I taught these topics when I was a tutor at the former Raworth Centre in Dorking and have developed them further since returning to Edinburgh. 

Workshops location: Unless otherwise stated, the workshops are held at a private location, Whitehouse Loan, Edinburgh EH9 with small group attendance. This is close to the centre of Edinburgh. It is easily reached by bus from within Edinburgh or from the Waverley Rail Station and there is car parking space. Bed and breakfast is available at the nearby Gillis Centre at a reasonable cost for those who need an overnight stay. Tea and coffee will be provided but please bring a packed lunch – this ensures we have enough time to cover all the material in the day. These days are run with small groups.

To reserve a place on a workshop, please ‘phone 07849 402933 or email for a booking form. £20 non-refundable deposit, balance to be paid 2 weeks before the workshop date.

Ayurvedic Principles & Treatment Techniques for Reflexology

(AoR Approved, credit of 12 points)

South Wirral – Hosted by the Gaia School of Natural Health: Friday, 20th June, 
The Women’s Institute, Neston Road, Thornton Hough, CH63 1JW, 9.30am-5pm, £90

Edinburgh: Saturday 6th September 2014 or Saturday 4th October 2014, 10am-5pm, £90

This full day workshop includes:

• Introduction to Ayurveda and its Concepts of Energy
• The Chakras, the Five Elements and their Associations
• Reflexes to the Chakras on the feet and hands
• Using these principles in our energetic diagnosis and treatment 
• The Doshas
• Marma Points on the feet and hands
• How to give a stimulating Ayurvedic foot treatment using warm oil, a kasa bowl and marma point working
• Comprehensive documentation and a DVD demonstrating the treatment

The workshop is intended to help you add another dimension to your practice. It developed out of my qualification as a Polarity Therapy Practitioner and then training with Sharon Stathis (Ayurvedic Reflexology), the London School of Champissage (Kansa Vatki) and Ayurveda Pura (Ayurvedic Foot Massage) as well as extensive personal reading and research. I hope you will also apply what you’ve learned to your own health and well-being. 

“A thoroughly enjoyable day of learning. Helen is an excellent teacher and very knowledgeable in her field. I would be happy to recommend the Ayurvedic Reflexology Workshop as an extension to your existing reflexology knowledge” Dr Melanie Jones (PhD) Paradise Clinic, Aberdeenshire.

“I don’t usually advertise my business however December is usually a quiet month so I popped a little ad in the local directory to tell people about the hot oil foot and leg massage and I have been inundated!! Fully booked each week and have bookings right up until the end of January – a BIG thank you again for sharing this wonderful treatment.” LM

TCM Meridians, Acupressure Points and Body Tuning Fork Use for Reflexology

Saturday 20th September 2014 or Saturday 25th October 2014, 10am-5pm, £90
(AoR Approved, credit of 12 points)

This full day workshop includes:

  • The energetic principles of TCM (Qi, Yin & Yang, Zangfu Organs, Five Elements and the Meridians)
  • How to use this knowledge in reflexology treatments (energetic diagnosis, working along meridian pathways, acupressure points)
  • The Therapeutic Effects of Sound Vibrations
  • Tuning Fork Body Tuner and its Application to Acupressure Points (and other parts of the feet)
  • The Meridians and Acupressure Points on the Feet and Hands (and recognised applications):

This workshop is intended to help you add another dimension to your practice. Points can also be used for client self-help and hopefully, you will apply what you’ve learned to your own health and well-being. 

When I first trained in Reflexology the course included an extra five days taught by a reflexologist who was also an acupuncturist and I have applied that knowledge and added to it ever since, developing the one-day intensive workshop.

Pregnancy and Birth Reflexology

No dates scheduled – please get in touch to register interest
(AoR Approved, credit of 12 points) 

Many pregnant women look to complementary therapies to help support the pregnancy and reflexology is one of the most popular but reflexologists are often nervous about treating pregnant women especially in the first trimester. The aims of this workshop are to provide you with the background knowledge about pregnancy and birthing, approaches to treatments and additional techniques so that you can treat pregnant clients with confidence. If you have helped clients in the run-up to becoming pregnant these women will almost certainly want you to help them with their pregnancy.

This is a workshop that I taught for a number of years at the former Raworth Centre in Dorking where I was also Reflexology Tutor. I have trained in this aspect with Suzanne Enzer, Lena Chandler, Debra Betts (acupressure for Labour) and Gowri Motha (Gentle Birth Method). I have also treated many pregnant women over the last 11 years.

Main topics: supportive information about foetal development and obstetric monitoring, guidelines for treating in the first and subsequent trimesters, taking into account the effects of pregnancy on the various body systems including additional techniques, considerations for client after-care, awareness of complications, and reflexology for birthing including guidelines for priming. A full day with a mixture of theory and hands-on.

Working with Chant, Mantra and Drum to Empower and Enrich

Scheduled on demand – please get in touch if interested

This is a half-day workshop to introduce participants to the power of chanting in English and Sanskrit to support your health and well-being. There is no need to worry about the quality of your voice – this is not singing.

Module Topics: Supporting information about the power of chanting and Sanskrit Mantras; using Western tones and Sanskrit bijas (seed syllables) for Chakra work; how to sound OM for greater effect; easy Sanskrit mantras for specific processes; English language chants and accompanying simple drum rhythms to uplift and inspire. For those not familiar with Chakras, supporting information can be sent to you in advance of the workshop. Drums are provided if you don’t have your own.

Comprehensive notes and recordings are provided for you to take away and a follow-up session can be organised to allow you to you extend your repertoire or consolidate the work.

The session is held in Whitehouse LoanEdinburgh EH9, cost is £40. Participants are limited to 5 so that we can work together comfortably, share thoughts and sensations, gain confidence with the chants and feel relaxed about the process. I’m also available for follow-up help.

Valuable feedback from a participant at a previous one-day Mantra Workshop: “This is a fantastic workshop with far-reaching benefits. Helen is a clear and patient teacher. Try it out – it may just change your life!” and from an extended Mantra and Drum module (5×2-hour sessions): “I thoroughly enjoyed the five sessions of the drum and mantra module. They were informative, interesting and great fun. Helen is an extremely good teacher and explained everything clearly. The accompanying notes and recordings were very helpful too and inspired us to practise at home. I certainly would recommend this excellent course! 

If you need to know more or would like to register interest, please ‘phone (07849 402933) or email