My Background

I worked as an information scientist in the drug and communication industries for many years then developed a keen interest in complementary therapy. I qualified in Reflexology in 2001. The course involved an appreciation of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) meridians on the feet and hands. I then trained in Polarity Therapy, the principles of which I bring into much of what I practise. This also sparked an interest in Ayurvedic approaches to health and well-being. I was impressed by the beneficial effects of Kundan Mehta’s Indian Face Massage and qualified to practise her treatment in 2008. I later went on to learn Ayurvedic Face Massage with the Ayurveda Pura Academy. 

I also became interested in the benefits of sound from a therapeutic perspective and qualified as a Sound Therapist. I continue to study new techniques and approaches, incorporating these into all my treatments where appropriate. My various qualifications are mentioned on the relevant therapy pages of this website.

A few years after qualifying, I began teaching the Reflexology Diploma course at Raworth in Dorking, Surrey (sadly no longer in existence). I became responsible for course development as well as one-day workshops for practising reflexologists some of which I still teach in Edinburgh (see Workshops & Seminars page). 

I moved back from London to my home town of Edinburgh in 2010.

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