Group Sound Healing Sessions

For one-to-one treatments with sound, see the Sound Therapy page.

Soundbath or Gongbath – highly recommended for chilling-out!

Participants are bathed in a cocoon of healing sounds using an array of Gongs as well as Himalayan and Crystal Bowls. The intention is to promote a state of deep relaxation (an optimum state for our innate healing powers to take effect), while allowing the body to pick up the vibrations it needs to help shift blocked energy and restore the body’s natural frequencies. Towards the end of the session I also use a variety of other sound healing instruments – rainsticks, ocean drum, bells, shakers and more. These help to ground people before leaving but also add to the magic of the event. The term “Gongbath” implies an even greater focus on the use of gongs within the session.

Depending on location, participants lie on the floor on a yoga mat or something similar or on recliners. It’s advisable to avoid stimulants (alcohol, coffee, etc.) before-hand and to have some water with you for after the session.

The bath lasts an hour including a brief introduction and settling time. Time is also allowed later for coming to. Some participants choose to leave promptly and quietly so they can hold on to their relaxed state while others stay and chat about their experience, or I can be contacted later to give feeback.

To learn more about the Richness of the Gong and the gongs I use, see the 26th October 2012 post on the Sound Waves page.

Forthcoming sessions: all being held in Whitehouse Loan, EH9

1) Gongbath – Sunday 18th May, 5.00 to 6.30pm (Full)

2) Gongbath – Sunday 18th May, 7.00 to 8.30pm (Full)

3) Gongbath – Monday 19th May, 7.00 to 8.30pm

Pre-booking essential. £10. These are small group sessions.

Next date after this, is Sunday 29th June at 5pm and 7pm.

For more details and to book, please ‘phone 07849 402933 or email  If you would like to organise your own group session (£40, up to 4 people) please contact me. If you can’t make any current group session dates but are interested in future dates please ask to be added to my mailing list. 

Rhythm of Life Drumming – a very empowering event! arranged on request

Through the power of the drum these sessions are about self-expression, having fun, de-stressing, mutual support and connection with life rhythms. We usually include some simple chants to enhance the process. No previous drumming (or chanting) experience is necessary. Frame drums (e.g. N. American Buffalo drums) are provided but if you have a frame drum please bring it along. 

Sound Exploration – working creatively with othersarranged on request

In these sessions you have the opportunity to try out my my gongs, bowls, drums, etc and to work within a small group to create a soundscape (an auditory picture). The benefits derive from the pleasures of creating the sounds for yourself, the process of working creatively within a group, and observing and reflecting on any resistances that might surface. These sessions lend themselves well to a private group arrangement involving friends or colleagues.

Mantra Module – see Workshops & Seminars page for details, arranged on request