Client Comments

Some of the Nice Things People Have Said

“I’m convinced Helen’s blissful treatments helped me sail through my pregnancy despite a stressful workload throughout. She nurtured me and my bump, answered questions and concerns and even sourced additional information for me. Helen also attended the birth of our daughter. What turned out to be a medically complicated birth was made infinitely better by her quiet and reassuring presence. Careful not to get in the way of the medical team, Helen made the hospital environment as relaxing as possible, giving me massage, reflexology, encouragement and some unexpected laughs, too. She also helped my partner understand my needs and yet she was careful not to intrude, giving us private time together. Helen’s care and concern for our new family continued after birth. Her post-partum treatment was perfect for an overwhelmed and exhausted new mum. In short, Helen went over and above the call of duty in looking after me and my new family. Her care and her concern for her clients is genuine and she has a passion for what she does.”


“Thank-you for the lovely reflexology treatments which I’m sure contributed to my very relaxed state of mind and wonderful labour!”


“Thank-you so much for all the wonderful relaxing hours spent in your top room this summer and for helping to make T…’s arrival such a magical day!”


“Thank-you so much for all of your help and guidance over the past nine months – I know that the delivery was so much more manageable as a result of your treatments. C…. is a really happy and content baby too and I’m sure it is at least in part due to all that relaxation she was exposed to!”


“I have participated in many therapies over the years but for my aims of removing obstacles that stand in my way of financial and creative freedom, the mantra therapy has had the most dramatic effect above all others……Happiness, serenity and focus have replaced the turmoil that was surrounding my career!”


“Not only has the drum therapy been a very relaxing and grounding treatment but a great support during a fairly stressful time….. A great deal of emotions were released and dealt with in a calming and gentle manner by Helen and I have been introduced to new knowledge which I will pursue. Helen is knowledgeable, passionate and understanding in her approach.”


“During the gong sessions I found all sensations of pain and the resultant mental tension disappear as I entered a deeply relaxed state. I really enjoyed feeling the vibration of the gongs and some bits of my body seemed to really soak in the sound as though they needed it. The gongs reach a deep part of me and regular treatments will help me live with my condition.”


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